Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Publication, A Prince & A Pastor.

I am pleased to share a positive message of hope this week.

Publication.  Brother John Boehner is one of those political characters from the past administration who blur in my mind among all the others.  I know he was a snake, a snitch and a snooze in some part of government.  Regardless, he is now attempting to paint himself as a good guy who knew all along that the emperor was naked (perish the thought).  I don’t really know what to think about this attempt at redemption, but I’ve heard plenty about his forthcoming memoir.  His scathing opinions on certain particular Washington weirdos has piqued my interest.  Without naming names, let me remind you all that I reside in Texas.  I shall be cruzing through his publication with anticipatory glee.  Come to think of it, I haven’t been this excited to read a book since getting my first New Testament in Sunday School!

Prince.  I have been a lifelong follower of the King of Kings and Prince of Peace.  Consequently, I am suspect of any earthly representations of such titles.  I’m familiar with more than one “Prince” in the Middle East who has flaunted his wealth and shady dealings to the world.  I’m acquainted with another “Prince” who made a lot of loud noise and brought renewed attention to the color purple (note, NOT capitalized).  Yet I find myself reflective over the passing of an earthly Prince who has earned his place in mortal history.  Of course I’m referring to Britain’s Prince Philip, husband to the most famous old British queen on earth.  (Apologies to Ian McKellan.)  May his 73 years of devotion to Betty Windsor and his near equal length of dedication to the monarchy be remembered for years to come.  Let us pray that he is welcomed into the gates of Heaven with the pomp and circumstance which he had to defer to his old lady for all these years.  Hail!

Pastor.  I pride myself on being the greatest Babatist in ministry.  Occasionally, another makes the news who causes me to pause for reflection.  Brother Jim Conrad, Pastor of Towne View Babatist Church in Kennesaw, Georgia, has had his church excommunicated from the Southern Babatist Convention for a step he took recently.  His decision to welcome two sodomites and their children into full membership of his congregation has made national news.  I believe that my stance on sodomites has been made very clear in my ministry.  So let me say to Brother Conrad, may you be blessed.  And may your choir and children’s ministry benefit from an influx of creativity and talent.