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Fun To The Core

Not sure about you, but we’re still adjusting to a reality where we can’t eat whatever the hell we want 24/7. We did that from Day 1 of the lockdown and never looked back.

But it’s taken its toll on our, well, every body part.

Now that we’re at least 15 pounds heavier than a year ago, we’re trying to get serious again about fitness. And we’re infatuated with a new core-strengthening device that makes working out legitimately fun—and extremely challenging. 

It’s called the Stealth Core Trainer and through a free app on your phone, you get to play video games that have you twisting, turning, rotating and balancing your way to a firmer midsection, all from a starting plank position.

We’ve only had our Stealth for a couple of weeks and it’s still difficult to spend more than a minute or two with it before we have to drop to our knees and catch our breath.

Utilizing any smartphone, choose from a variety of included video games that take hand-eye coordination to a whole new level. Whether you’re looking to fight aliens, hang glide through the forest, or chase balls along a track, you’ll be so focused on the game that you almost forget you’re exercising.

Premium subscribers can access even more games, too.

Within only a few seconds, you’ll feel the burn in your core with noticeable results as you increase your time on the plankster by even just 10 seconds each day.

As for us, you know we’re always willing to try anything that involves dropping to our knees and playing with balls.

Stealth Core Trainer

Photo courtesy of Stealth