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Brunch Of The Week: A Taste of Costa Rica

Little did we know it at the time, but one of our last international trips before lockdown was our first-ever visit to Costa Rica. And we loved it.

First and foremost, the spectacular geography of the country was particularly enchanting, but coming in a very close second was the coffee and food culture.

Well, last weekend we got a taste of—and vacation flashback to—Costa Rica when we visited the Berni Bean Coffee Co. downtown.

A charming little coffee shop near the relatively new urban green space, Pacific Plaza, Berni Bean gave us all the feelings of being back in Costa Rica with our very first sip of coffee. It’s grown on owner Giluliana Bernini’s family coffee farm (pictured above) then hand-roasted in Texas.

This could be one of the best cups of coffee we’ve had in Dallas in a long time—and we tried pour-over, cold brew and freshly ground coffee made in the espresso machine to ensure our love of the Berni Bean java wasn’t a fluke.

(We even bought a big bag of beans to take home.)

Brunch can be enjoyed here any day of the week with a menu of traditional favorites, including the Desayuno Típico with huevos rancheros, gallo pinto (mixed rice and beans), fried plantain, homemade tortilla and fresh fruit.

Desayuno Típico

You also must check out the arepas, available with a variety of toppings such as chicken and avocado or fried plantains and cheese. Tres leches cake also wows.

On select weekends, there’s even live music on the stage (call ahead to check when the next concert’s scheduled). On our visit, we enjoyed a Costa Rican duo playing ’80s and ’90s hits on the violin and guitar. Until you’ve heard Whitney Houston in this format, you haven’t lived.

Satisfy nearly any craving, any time of day, any day of the week

Another reason to love the Berni Bean Coffee Co. is their philanthropic spirit. Through her business, Bernini’s able to support young entrepreneurs realize their dreams back in Costa Rica.

So next time you’re looking for a brunch that’s more about the laidback ambiance, the coffee and the food instead of never-ending mimosas and overindulgent day drinking, the Berni Bean Coffee Co has a welcome mat with your name on it.

And at least until we’re able to get back to actual Costa Rica, this charming place is the next best thing.

The Berni Bean Coffee Co.
400 North St. Paul Street Suite 120, Dallas

Photos courtesy of The Berni Bean Coffee Co.