Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Meet The Doobie, Brothers

You don’t have to be a stoner to get the munchies.

But today, in celebration of 4/20, the pizza slayers over at Greenville Avenue Pizza Company bring back the wildly popular Doobie for one day only.

This incredible creation starts with a giant slice of deliciously simple thin-crust cheese pizza, which lovingly spoons a fried chicken breast made with their signature Pizza Crack seasoning, then gets drizzled with ranch and sprinkled with crumbled-up Hot Cheetos.


We can’t believe this is the first time we’ve tried this once-a-year sensation. It’s only available today from open to close, while supplies last, at their lowest Greenville Avenue original location and their outpost in East Dallas on Peavy Road, so if it calls out to you, act with haste.

But it’s so good, we can’t sit back and let it disappear tomorrow. Therefore, we implore the owners to make this a permanent menu item—or at least something that can be ordered secret-menu-style whenever we have the craving.

It’s so much better than a traditional chicken sandwich and we’re convinced that GAPCo could easily win the Chicken Sandwich Wars with this heaven-sent concoction. Think chicken parmesan taken to the next level. Hell, they could customize this endlessly, too, with additional pizza toppings to take it next-next-level.

Until marijuana’s legal in Texas (a girl can dream, can’t she?), we’d at least be content feeding our decadence addiction with this Doobie in the meantime.

Because it’s mind-altering in an entirely different way.

The Doobie
Available today (Tuesday, April 20) only, open to close
While supplies last
1923 Greenville Avenue or 1145 Peavy Road

Doobie photo courtesy of Greenville Avenue Pizza Company