Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fire Your Dentist

You know the drill.

But you won’t find one at Waverly, the swanky new studio in West Village dedicated to impeccable oral care that will forever change the way you take care of your teeth.

We were invited a couple of weeks ago to experience Waverly first-hand and we had such a great visit, we fired our dentist on the way home. The next call was to cancel our dental insurance.

True story.

Being good at oral has always been important to us, so we’ve never dreaded going to the dentist. But we didn’t exactly look forward to it, either. However, with Waverly, routine cleanings feel more like a spa visit and that’s exactly what the founders had in mind when they created the concept.

And don’t worry, though the surroundings may look nicer than a typical dental office you’ll still be treated by exceptional dentists and hygienists once you’re lounging in that chair with your mouth open oh-so-wide.

Ahhhhhhhh, indeed.

Waiting in style.

The Dallas-based company makes it easy and affordable enough to ditch the twice-yearly cleaning ritual and replace it with a higher frequency indulgence. We signed up to get our chompers brightened every three months and we’ll still be paying less than our monthly dental insurance premium and office co-pays.

Hang tight while we pull out our abacus.

Each year, we shell out a combined $330 for annual X-rays and bi-annual cleanings. At Waverly, their basic Purification Session costs only $65, or $260 for four cleanings a year—including complimentary X-rays and oral cancer screening.

Purchase four or more sessions at once and save even more.

That means we can go twice as often and still have at least $70 remaining for popcorn, cotton candy and gummy bears. (You know, all the top foods recommended by dental professionals).

Or, you could spend the extra cash to upgrade to the Enlightenment Session for $135, which includes their proprietary approach to teeth brightening as well as a traditional cleaning. (Throw in nitrous oxide for an extra 10 bucks.)

Thanks to the Enlightenment Session, we left with a smile two shades whiter than when we arrived.

And that piece of broccoli that’s been stuck in our back molars since February has finally discovered the undeniable joys of freedom.

Now accepting new patients
3839 McKinney Avenue, Suite 130
(entrance on Blackburn Street)

Lobby image courtesy of Waverly