Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mondale, Marijuana & Misreadings

Join me in prayer this week over these troubled waters.

Mondale.  Another political figure of note has passed on the great campaign above.  Brother Walter “Fritz” Mondale served as Vice President to that Godly Babatist, Brother Jimmy Carter, and then ran for President himself in 1984 with his history-making female running mate, Sister Geraldine Ferraro.  While this 1984 ticket did wonders for women in ministry, it was ultimately a defeat of biblical proportions at the quivering hands of an elitist Republican with memory issues.  I’d like to recognize that Brother Mondale was the son of a preacher, albeit a Methodist one.  May he be received at the Pearly Gates with rejoicing.  And may Ronald Reagan find the time to trickle down the streets of gold to shake Brother Fritz’s hand.

Marijuana.  I have been witnessing mankind’s slide into  debauchery for several years now.  I knew, Brothers and Sister, that legalizing the marijuana was going to lead us down a slippery slope of slovenly sleaze.  Now comes news that the Lake Superior State University is offering college students a scholarship to study cannabis.  CANNABIS.  Just a fancy word for pot.  And a scholarship!  Disgusting.  I really want to know what this classwork entails anyway.  One would think that this would be a joint degree where students hash out their work for 20 hours per week, all under the tutelage of Professor Mary Jane Farmer.  Lord!

Misreadings.  As I scour the interwebs for important stories which merit my Christian perspective, I see plenty of headlines.  Occasionally, a headline causes me to pause for a moment.  Consider this headline which caught my eye………..”Beauty pageant winner has crown snatched on stage”  One must be paying close attention when scanning the printed word.  Our minds may often reverse word order when in a hurry, and I was truly aghast at what exactly I thought a pageant person had crowned.  Let us pray.