Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

This Is (Uter) Us

If you’re ready to get back in a seat at the movie theater, perhaps a feel-good film would be just what the doctor ordered.

And if you’re still on the fence about indoor anything, simply mark your calendar for May 11 when Together Together comes out on digital platforms.

The story of a single man deciding to have a baby later in life via a surrogate sounded on paper like a zany rom-com filled with wacky situations. However, in the hands of director Nikole Beckwith working from a script she penned, the movie feels genuine and grounded in reality without the typical trappings of a Hollywood movie. (You’ll know why we say that as soon as the end credits roll.)

Even though we were expecting laugh-out-loud moments, we were quite content with chuckle-under-our-breath moments instead. And seeing so many queer characters (even the annoying ones) made this a welcome film in our queue for sure.

Oh, and the tiny fact that trans star Patti Harrison plays a cisgender woman makes this little film a real breakthrough. Not to mention she’s crazy hilarious opposite her neurotic counterpart played by Ed Helms.

Subtle as it may be in execution, Together Together gives us hope for the future in so many ways. Right when we need it most.

Together Together
Out today in theaters
Available on digital platforms May 11

Photo courtesy of Bleecker Street