Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Burl, Gurl

For one night, skip the strip and see some stripping.

The 2021 Dallas Burlesque Festival is back to tantalize you in person, which is even more exciting than actually watching the half-naked talents onstage. We’re so tired of virtual vag and digital dicks!

And as much as we love a good burlesque show, this year’s festival at the Fair Park Band Shell promises the best burlesque shows you’ve probably ever seen..

We love seeing the women spin their tassels, but we’re extra excited to see Chippendales sensation Ryan Kelsey in the flesh on the stage. Sure, he’s used to women screaming his name, but we’re pretty sure he’ll adjust to us yelling at the top of our lungs and throwing our panties at him.

Hey, Ryan!

The 2021 Dallas Burlesque Festival takes place this Saturday, and we’re so excited to see half-nakedness that’s not on Zoom, we can hardly stand it. Tickets range from $15-35 and seating’s limited, so go ahead and block out the entire day to see some shenanigans for less than a double-feature at the movies.

Because it’s been way too long.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

Dallas Burlesque Festival
Saturday, May 8
Tickets: $15-35
The Band Shell in Fair Park
1465 1st Avenue, Dallas