Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Seniors Rule!

We remember yelling “Seniors rule!” our final year of high school. A lot.

But now, as we cascade over the hill toward our inevitable time tucked away in an urn somewhere, we’re chanting it for entirely different reasons.

Whether you’re a senior yourself or not, this Sunday is National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day and we encourage everyone to celebrate by thanking a senior for everything they’ve done to make life easier for the newer generations of LGBTQ people. (Just don’t thank us. We might punch you for calling out our increasing age.)

To mark the occasion, virtual celebration will take place on Facebook with videos, stories, and retrospectives.

On a local level, to commemorate National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day, Coalition for Aging LGBT will be hosting a free COVID-19 vaccine clinic the day before and it’s open to anyone and everyone—not just seniors! Simply register at cfa.lgbt/covid19resources and pick your time slot.

Until then, check out all the resources available to show your appreciation for LGBT elders on social media and in the real, in-person world.

Because even if you’re not anywhere near being considered an elder, senior, or old gay queen (our personal preferred designation), you’re going to get there someday. And what goes around, comes around.

So might as well make what comes around really, really nice.

National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day
Sunday, May 16