Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Medina, Ministry & Masks.

The Lord has spoken to me this week in these ways.

Medina.  After the recent Kentucky Derby horse race (gambling!!), it was revealed that the winning horse tested positive for a high level of an anti-inflammatory drug.  Listen, I’ve been known to down more than my fair share of Aleve, but it’s never disqualified me from spreading the gospel.  Nonetheless, said horse, Medina Spirit, may be disqualified from advancing to the next race due to this drug discovery.  Our former President has chimed in an opinion regarding this news.  Apparently, Medina Spirit’s test results have proven the horse to be a “junkie” and is “emblematic of what is happening to our Country.”  I don’t know how one administers medicine to a horse, but I feel confident that if it was a shot in the equine hip, I’d rather focus on THAT horse’s ass than the one offering his opinion.  Amen?

Ministry.  Some headlines need work.  Those Catholics are in the news again.  Speaking ex Cathedra, Brother Pope Francis has begun a new ministry.  I quote……… “Pope Francis on Tuesday formally created a new lay ministry….”  Really.  Really?  Surely after all the sin and degradation brought on by the immoral behavior of perverted priests, Brother Frank would discourage any further “lays” in the church.  Of course, it may just give him a chance to prove the secondary status of lay ministers.  I expect the Vatican to soon issue an edict that “Priests do more than lay people.”  The Lord be with you.

Masks.  Brother Dr. Anthony Fauci is allegedly the final word on all things relating to the crayolavirus.  His latest pronouncement is that required indoor mask wearing may soon come to an end.  I have such mixed feelings about this.  I understand the desire for personal freedom and liberty to not be facially constrained.  However, I’ve come to employ this safety protocol in order to more freely express judgement on others without the utterances of my lips being seen.  I don’t look forward to having to restrain myself going forward.  Also, I pray that Brother Dr. Fauci will choose his words better going forward.  As a part of his prediction, he literally said, “We do need to start being more liberal, as we get more people vaccinated.”  Over my dead body.