Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bucks, Buckets & Bucknell.

The buck stops here this week.

Bucks.  Conservative, evangelical Christians have long turned to one man for financial advice. Brother Dave Ramsey. With his folksy demeanor and professed Christian faith, he is the savings savior for the saved. It’s always a blessing to hear Christians of meager means testify as to how they’ve followed Brother Dave’s advice and been able to refinance their mobile homes. This week, here in my hometown of Dallas, Brother Ramsey is holding a mega conference with a goal of learning “the Ramsey way of building a successful business……” Praise the Lord! Attendees are able to glean fiscal wisdom and hear mega-wealthy former President George W. Bush opine on money, all for a registration price of only 4,000 bucks (not including hotel). Pass the plate.

Buckets. Speaking of money and ministry, Brother Joel Osteen is a famed evangelist who preaches in an untaxed church which is a 16,000-seat former sports arena. His net worth is over $50 million. (Let us reflect on how many buckets and plates have been passed for THAT!) Brother Joel recently appeared on the TODAY show to talk about his new book, “Peaceful on Purpose.” During his appearance, as an example of how to be peaceful, he suggested “don’t focus on what you have or don’t have.” It was such a blessing to read the numerous passionate reactions on the interwebs to his words. Let us all join in prayer that Brother Osteen’s ability to not focus on the Gulfstream jet he has yet to purchase can be manifest in our lives as we try not to focus on the food missing from our tables.

Bucknell. I have recently become aware of a heretofore unknown school in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, named Bucknell University. This awareness came via a news story of great interest. This institution of higher learning took a building which formerly housed unruly fraternity members and made it a residence for “gender-neutral housing” which “serves as a safe place for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies.” Recently, members of the aforementioned fraternity showed up and ”banged on windows and doors, swung a metal bar at a flag pole that displays a pride flag and urinated on the front porch.” Gang banging, swinging poles and porch peeing aimed at residents perceived to be gay? Methinks these boys doth protest too much. It’s all Greek to me.