Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Very Special Episodes: Volume 2

Remember back in 2019 when we were lucky to binge a dozen or so TV shows—the entire year?

Hard to believe after 14 or so months of sometimes plowing through an entire season in a day. But back in those simpler pre-2020 times, we vividly remember one of the TV-viewing highlights was the first season of Special on Netflix.

For his first outing, series creator, writer and star Ryan O’Connell gave us eight short-and-sweet, 12ish-minute episodes and we watched them all in a day. We simply couldn’t wait for me. Except we had to.

Well, now he and the whole gang of zany characters he surrounds himself with return for eight regular-sized, 30-minute episodes following his further exploits into the world of dating as a hot, gay man with cerebral palsy.

Our biggest fear was that more wouldn’t necessarily be better, but O’Connell’s a master of the TV script and delivers the same heartfelt, sometimes-awkward, always-hilarious situations and biting dialog that made the first season such a joyful surprise.

We can’t wait to see what O’Connell does next, but for now we’re content with getting some closure with the Special gang. This second (and final) season’s double-stuffed running time feels like a real gift.

Even if it took us a full week to watch because our life has moved off that sofa and into the world.

Season Two
Premieres tomorrow