Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hardly for Hardware

Restoration Hardware is now as much a place for hardware as Lululemon is a retailer of fresh citrus.

But we’re 100% OK with that.

If you haven’t been yet, the gorgeous, three-story RH Dallas | The Gallery on Knox debuted earlier this month as one of the most awe-inspiring additions to the Knox Street shopping district in the last 20 years, if not more.

Featuring RH Interiors, RH Modern, RH Outdoors, RH Interior Design, and the rooftop RH Restaurant all in the same building, if you’re looking to update your living spaces—or grab an exquisite meal in a lavish setting—you only need park once (or valet by the waterfall behind the store) and spend the next few hours in a design dreamland.

We visited a few days after opening to see what all the buzz is about, having a delightful dinner while trying to decide which of our IKEA furniture pieces we were going to set fire to first upon returning home. Then we got too carried away devouring our lobster roll and $44 bacon cheeseburger and truffle fries. (Indeed, this isn’t a place to visit if you’re on a tight budget, but in our experience, the quality matches the price. Even if our future visits will only be for special occasions or when someone else picks up the tab.)

The restaurant setting impresses, whether you’re grabbing a glass of wine, beer, juice, or coffee (there’s no hard liquor on premises) on one of two rooftop gardens or sitting in the greenhouse-style dining room. We worked our way through several sections of the highly focused menu and didn’t find a single dud among the starters, salads, or main courses—the we stuck to two of their most popular items, the lobster roll and the burger. But the family at the table next to us ordered salmon and it appeared to be cooked to perfection.

Below, find some professional shots of the restaurant space, followed by photos of everything we had for dinner that night, minus the salad. *(Salads make for boring photos). You’ll also find a link to the menu to see everything they have to offer.

Just don’t go expecting to find a screwdriver. Not even at the bar.

The rooftop gardens will be a popular place when the rain finally stops.
Grab a seat by the fountain for a relaxing time.
There’s nothing tiny about these shrimp, that’s for sure.
Say cheese! (And prosciutto.)
The lobster roll lives up to its reputation.
Please split this burger with a friend or two (your cardiologist begged us to say that).
Truffled fries, charred broccolini and wild mushrooms are sides that shine.
Simple. Perfect. Chocolate chip cookies.

RH Dallas | The Gallery on Knox
Now open
Make reservations at opentable.com
3133 Knox Street, Dallas

Space photos courtesy of RH Dallas; food photos by Steven Lindsey