Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Your Queer Music Playlist This Memorial Day Weekend

It’s the final weekend before Pride Month and two queer artists have new music out that couldn’t be more different.

First up, Aja (whom you’ll remember from RuPaul’s Drag Race). Their new album, CROWN, dropped last week with a whopping 20 songs, giving you plenty of bang for your LGBTQ music buck. Check out one of our favorite tracks, “Like Lightning” below, followed by a video from a previous album to get you in the full Aja mood.

Meanwhile, out today: A glammed-up k.d. lang has released a poppy new 14-track album, makeover, a collection of dance remixes of her most beloved songs from 1992-2000 that makes us appreciate the timelessness of her music that much more.

Whatever you three-day-weekend plans, we’re sure these two albums will enhance the experience.

And get you in the mood for next weekend’s Dallas Pride festivities as an added bonus.

Get the album here and here

makeover, k.d. lang
Get the album here