Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

GOP. Gavin. Gays.

Things that make you think, Gee………….

GOP.  I have no idea who originally came up with the moniker of Grand Old Party (GOP) for the Repugnicants.  Also, who assigned the elephant as the mascot?  I’d like to offer my own thoughts here.  Grand is really short for Grandiose since so many of today’s Party leaders have delusions of such.  And since we all know that the memory of an elephant is very short, it explains the tendency of the Party faithful to forget the past and make highly inappropriate historical comparisons in today’s issues.  The woman in Tennessee who created Star of David patches to signify the stigma of forced COVID vaccinations was encouraged by Sister Marjorie Taylor Greene’s absent-minded comparison of those who choose to not be vaccinated to the plight of Jews in WWII.  People, conservative thought is one thing.  Stupidity is out of bounds.

Gavin.  The Captain of the Love Boat has sailed to the other side.  Brother Gavin MacLeod, famous for appearing on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Love Boat, passed away this past weekend.  Saturday night television aside, I’d rather focus on his Christian legacy.  He and his lovely (second) wife had a successful program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network which encouraged couples to “stay together.”  From what I understand, Brother and Sister MacLeod were actually kind, loving, authentic people.  Which, of course, made them an anomaly on TBN.  Let us rejoice in the life of this gifted man who went from writing a news program to captaining has-been stars at sea to bringing respect to a network run by a pedophile and a lavender wig.  Glory!

Gays.  Here it is the month of June and I am already being beset with rainbow colored trash everywhere reminding me that it is Sodomite Pride Month.  Disgusting.  Perfectly timed, though, with my alma mater Baylor University’s latest foray into Hell.  In case you missed it, the Board of Regents of this, the largest Southern Baptist University in the world, agreed to consider an official recognition of relationship with LGBTQPMBDKUI students.  Heresy.  Everyone knows there aren’t gay people at Baylor, any more than there are Sodomite music directors in our churches!  Praise God that Brother Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas had the conviction to proclaim that Baylor’s faculty is full of “infidels” who teach “anti-Christian” ideas.  Bless you, Brother Jeffress.  It’s a blessing to hear such condemnation of homosexual acceptance from the one man who has the gift of lisping on a “D”, and whose chin is so weak, it takes him three hours to change a pillowcase!