Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Your Burning Questions About Dallas LGBTQ History Answered

When was the first Pride parade in Dallas?

What’s the first-ever LGBTQ group in Dallas to get 501c(3) exempt status?

Who was the first openly gay candidate for City Council?

Who and when was the first gay person actually elected to City Council?

When was the first gay couple legally married in Dallas County and who were they?

How old is Sister Helen Holy? Like, REALLY?

Discover all the answers to these burning questions (except maybe one that’s going to the grave with a certain Baptist). They can be found one click away thanks to the Oak Lawn Library Friends.

Pride in Dallas: A Brief Look at Dallas LGBTQ History has launched on their web site and provides an incredibly in-depth chronological history of some of the most significant dates to the local community.

If you live in Dallas, you owe it to yourself to learn about the brave and influential people who helped give us the freedom to be as flamboyant as we wanna be. There’s still much to be changed and perhaps reviewing history is the motivation some of us need to be a part of the next chapter of the fight for true equality.

Happy Pride! (Nope, we’re still not tired of saying it.)

Pride in Dallas: A Brief Look at Dallas LGBTQ History

Photo circa 1972; courtesy of texashistory.unt.edu