Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

It Gets…Complicated

Out of the closet and into the real world.

Season two of Love, Victor begins streaming tomorrow and now that Victor (Michael Cimino) has revealed his authentic self to everyone in his life, things are about to change. Some things get better and some things go south as family, friends and strangers all cope in their own way with the news that Creekwood High’s star athlete likes to kiss guys (and eventually—hopefully—more).

Caught in the middle of being too gay for some situations and not gay enough for others, Victor finds himself this second season in that awkward phase so many of us experienced after breaking the big news and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with waves of acceptance and rejection.

Like the first season and the original movie it’s based on (Love, Simon), this Hulu dramedy always manages to strike the right tone.

But primarily, it shows those of us in older generations just how different the world we live in is today.

And for the most part, we think things have gotten way better out there.

Love, Victor Season 2
Out of the closet tomorrow

Photo courtesy of Hulu