Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Isn’t This App Romantic?

The library is open. Well, at least the digital one.

Slash aims to bring LGBTQ+ literature front and center with its massive library of BL and GL stories. And because we’re old, we had to reach out and ask what BL and GL stories. Turns out, that’s the new slang for Boy Love and Girl Love stories.

But you’ll find everything on the LGBTQ+ spectrum represented, and users can upload their own stories, too, and monetize their work.

Screenshot Image
The Slash App has gay wolves and wizards, too!

You can also find a huge collection of original titles over on Dreame, the company that developed the app.

So celebrate Pride Month by supporting LGBTQ+ writers in a new, and thoroughly modern way.

You might just develop a huge case of AL.

(That’s App Love for all you unhip people out there.)

Slash App
Currently only available for Google Devices