Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Computer Says Yes

The world as we know it today might not be the same without Microsoft’s second-ever employee.

Hired in 1975, Ric Weiland was an openly gay man and software guru changed the world both with his ingenuity in the computer world, but also his work for HIV/AIDS research, marriage equality, and equality in the workplace for LGBTQ+ employees at some of the nation’s largest corporations.

The new documentary, Yes I Am – The Ric Weiland Story can be screened now through June 25 at the virtual Provincetown Film Festival. Narrated by Zachary Quinto and prominently featuring interviews with Bill Gates, the Aaron Bear-directed film is must-see streaming.

Purchase a ticket for $12 or get a festival streaming pass for $140 and soak up all the gay goodness during Pride Month.

But fair warning: You’re going to need to buy some extra popcorn.

Yes I Am – The Ric Weiland Story
Now streaming

Photo courtesy of World of Wonder