Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hotel. Holding. Horrified.

I am in full perplexed mode this week.

Hotel.  Some things just make me ask “why”?  It is reported that the highest hotel rooms in the world have just become available in a 2000-ft. tower in Shanghai.  Restful sleep is often referred to as “sleeping on a cloud”, but what about sleeping above the clouds?  On a clear day, I’m sure the views are expansive, but it all brings to mind the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel.  If the Chinese are looking to reach Heaven, the Lord is going to smite them and cause them all to begin speaking a foreign tongue.  And theirs is ALREADY hard to learn.  I’m just gonna pray for the sinners who will stay in this hotel and use illegal substances while there.  Getting high while high in Shanghai is a bit much.

Holding.  I’m sure my fellow Christians are starting to question whether or not all the recent political posturing just to get a conservative majority in the Supreme Court was worth it.  Some recent rulings are leaving the brethren distressed.  The most recent was the Court’s refusal to take up the case of a transgendered student who was denied permission to use the boy’s bathroom in high school.  By refusing the case, it leaves a lower court’s ruling that the school’s denial was unconstitutional.  Big woo.  The student has long since graduated, and the original denial occurred in 2015.  It is my hope and prayer that this child has not been holding it in since then.  No matter what the plumbing, that’s just uncomfortable!

Horrified.  Let us turn our thoughts to Palm Springs where there are moral issues of statuesque proportions.  An enormous, voluptuous sculpture of Marilyn Monroe, showing her skirt flying up and underwear exposed, has been placed on a public site right next to the Palm Springs Art Museum.  Yes, but is it art?  Apparently, people are horrified and up in arms.  Claiming that the statue is demeaning to women, many believe the art is, according to them, a “monument to misogyny.”  I appreciate the moral posturing here, I really do.  But have they been to other famous museums?  There are countless examples of poor taste across Europe.  Naked David in Florence, nude gladiators in Rome and countless women baring the breasts in marble all over.  Why are people not up in arms about that?  For God’s sake, Venus de Milo is naked and doesn’t even HAVE arms!  Let us pray.