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Brunch Of The Week: Go Big Or Calzone

We’re so into brunch that when we get an announcement of a restaurant’s debut eggs-and-mimosas menu it’s practically like Christmas morning as a kid!

On May 1, Fireside Pies took the plunge into the weekend brunch scene and it was a triumphant debut. (Which is no surprise coming from one of the very first artisan wood-fired pizza pioneers in the city.)

Best of all, they keep the menu focused and representative of their overall brand rather than making dishes that serve little creative purpose (yes, we’re looking at all the places serving boring “All-American” platters of two eggs and bacon with toast).

Brunch cocktails include an espresso martini, a maple-bacon old fashioned, the Fireside Bloody Mary, and mimosas with your choice of juice. We tried the Bloody Mary and the old fashioned and both got our motors revving, especially the latter which delivered sooooo much bourbon before noon! (Don’t judge us.)

When the eggs start to fry on that big pizza pie, that’s amore.

Among the handful of brunch entrĂ©es, we zeroed in on three, which also turned out to be the heartiest and more than enough for leftovers. We started with the pancetta and egg pie (pictured above), featuring a fresh ragu, the perfect amount of salty cured pancetta, roasted white onions, smoked provolone, and over-easy eggs with a drizzle of serrano honey. Like every pizza at Fireside Pies, this one is perfection—and also a great starter dish if you’re brunching with a group. We wish we’d had friends with us because it was so good, two of us devoured it instead of our usual “only a couple of bites” rule.

Next up, the chicken and waffles offer a creative take on the ubiquitous brunch dish with an Italian-style, pan-fried chicken milanese substituting for the usual southern-fried chicken. Nestled atop four fresh, crispy waffle squares, the chicken was cooked beautifully and when paired with peanut butter syrup (sounds odd, but try it), we couldn’t get enough. Of course, we were pretty full from the entire pizza we’d just eaten, so we resisted the urge to splurge and waited for the final dish of our Sunday Funday kick-off.

Behold the chorizo and egg calzone (pictured at top).

What a gorgeous monster this is. Light, airy pizza dough surrounds a blend of scrambled eggs, chorizo, cheeses, red onions and red peppers. It’s all topped with candied bacon pieces and a bacon-maple syrup for a sweet-savory combination that’s even better if you’re nursing a bit of a hangover from the night before. What we loved most about this dish, besides the flavors and textures, is that they somehow managed to get filling all the way to the corners. We stopped ordering calzones years ago simply for the reason that so many places skimp on the filling and you end up with a pocket of dough with not much inside. You definitely won’t find that here.

We are here to officially declare Fireside Pies’ new foray into brunch a rousing success and well worth experiencing. You can try it for yourself every Saturday and Sunday and celebrate summer with a fun, festive meal.

And the only fire you’ll want to be close to for the next six months.

Fireside Pies Brunch
Saturdays & Sundays
11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Multiple locations