Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Great Tequila That Makes The World Better

Why does Taco Tuesday get all the love?

We would love to see you Tequila Tuesday take over, quite frankly. After all, it’s one of our favorite summer spirits. Right up there with vodka, gin, rum, whiskey and rosé in a five-liter box with a spout.

Seriously, we genuinely love good tequila.

Scratch that, we love great tequila. So when we find one, we want to share it with everyone.

Say howdy to Dallas-based Socorro Tequila, a relatively new brand that should be part of every pool party, patio potluck and picnic in the park this summer.

They recently sent us a bottle of Blanco to check out and we went through it at record speed. Shocking, we know. And that’s saying a lot considering our proclivity for quickly working through the bottles of booze behind our bar.

We did our usual taste test protocol and sampled the Socorro Tequila right from the freezer as a slow-sipping shot. It was so smooth and easy to drink that we knew it would be dangerous to continue down that same path with the entire bottle.

So for the next round we made traditional margaritas with nothing but tequila, Cointreau, and some fresh lime juice. They made for a truly tasty time splashing around the shallow end that day for sure.

After our guests went home for the evening we had only a little bit left in the bottle, so we decided to make nightcap of Socorro on the rocks with just a dash of freshly squeezed grapefruit. Also superb.

Bottom line: We could add this tequila to any kind of mixer and adore it. (Well, maybe not with buttermilk.)

Founders Pablo Antinori and Josh Irving

But the really amazing thing about Socorro Tequila is the good work the brand does in Mexico. For every case sold, they donate a case to an orphanage in Jalisco, Mexico. Actually, we should clarify that statement. They donate a case of water to the orphanage. (We don’t want to get hate letters about contributing to the drunkenness of orphans. Been there, done that.)

You can find Socorro in several restaurants around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, so definitely look for it on menus and order it by name. It’s also on shelves at Total Wine & More locations throughout Texas. You’ll be supporting a local business (and how often can you say that about a tequila?) while making a small but significant difference in the lives of kids.

So order it often. Or by the boxful. Or both.

Because the more cases they sell, the more children in Mexico will have fresh, clean water.

Don’t worry, when they grow up, we’re sure they’ll add some ice cubes and a shot of Socorro.

Socorro Tequila
$32.99-39.99 at totalwine.com