Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Free, Freestyle & Freedom.

Let us be free!

Free.  Break out the Jell-O!  Brother Bill Cosby has been released from prison and is now free to hawk pudding and gelatin.  Interesting, since both items are wobbly and soft.  Much like the way in which he was released, but I digress.  Brother Bill is looking forward to reappearing in the public eye by “working with a production company on a five-part documentary about his life and legacy…and intend(ing) to return to the stage at some point and…fielding calls from promoters.”  Uh HUH.  Out of prison and all is forgiven?  Dear Bill….Brother Simpson is holding on line 1.

Freestyle.  As the Olympics approach, I have been gaining my regular interest in those athletes who my need my special touch.  It’s usually the gymnasts for whom I fall to my knees.  This year, my spirit is leaning to the freestyle maneuvering of Brother Brody Malone.  I am drawn to his Southern upbringing and his overt manly interest in rodeos, hunting and fishing.  I did have cause for concern that he would have chosen to go to such a LIBERAL school as Stanford, but those were laid to rest after seeing him enjoying time with our former President.  Clearly, he must be a Christian.  I simply must run to his side to anoint him in oil before those leftist Californians convince him to buy in to things like diversity and multi-culturalism.  Worse yet, he’s a bit too close to San FranSodom for my taste.  Fear not, Brother Malone.  I am coming!

Freedom.  I am still rejoicing in the weekend celebration of our nations independence.  What a glorious time to see American flags, eat junk food and watch enormous displays of professionally detonated fireworks.  I celebrate the freedom I have to live in this country.  Freedom to be a Babatist, freedom to vote (as of now), freedom to pray for the rest of you, and the freedom to sit back and watch while stupid people shoot off amateur fireworks and then find themselves no longer able to count to ten.