Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

No Dessert Until You Eat Your Plants!

The vegan revolution continues and increasingly we can see ourselves partaking in a diet with fewer animal products.

Last year we broke up the monotony of cooking at home during pre-vaccination lockdown with meal kits from One Potato.

We love the freshness, the organic ingredients and all the details that go into making each dish fully composed and easy to make.

Now, they’ve gone and added four new vegan meals: burgers and fries; pizza with Greek salad; tacos; and gado gado bowls. The first three feature plant-based cheese from Miyoko’s Creamery and we tried each of those meals recently.

Once again, we have to say we’re quite impressed. The tacos were our favorite of all, but we loved the burgers and pizza, too. We’re pretty obsessed with vegan feta now, too, because of the Greek Salad and that’s not an entirely bad thing.

We’d definitely order each of these meals again (and maybe try to get extra mozzarella for the pizza because even with faux cheese, we like extra!)

So if you’re looking to slowly (or completely) venture into Vegantopia while cooking at home, take a foray into the land of One Potato.

And make sure to order cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

One Potato Vegan Meal Kits
Use code GET80 for $80 off four boxes