Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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The only thing we enjoy more than a pair of pricks is a prickly pair. 

Oops, prickly pear

Add booze into the equation and you might not see us again until winter.

Of course, by now you know where this whole setup is heading. Texas-based Lone River Ranch Water recently added a new flavor (Prickly Pear) to their lineup that can also be found in a new variety pack featuring three additional hard seltzer flavors (Original, Spicy, and Rio Red Grapefruit).

Made with a blend of tequila, soda water and fresh lime juice, each flavor refreshes as it gently intoxicates with low 4% alcohol by volume, the highest quality ingredients and a belly-friendly 80 calories.

The new Prickly Pear may be our favorite Lone River Ranch Water yet. And we’ve tried them all. Several times. Lightly flavored with the cactus fruit juice from the high deserts in far west Texas, the blend isn’t cloyingly sweet like margaritas or Cosmos, so you can drink several and not get that icky girl-drink-drunk feeling.

Or the crazy hangover that comes after imbibing on too many sugary cocktails.

In addition to the variety 12-pack, they’ve also debuted a Texas-sized 19.2-ounce Original Ranch Water that retails for only $2.99. Try getting a low-end version of Ranch Water in a Dallas bar for less than double that price. Hell, even a Topo Chico will set you back more than that these days.

We know we’re not the first publication to praise canned cocktails as the perfect drink of summer, but we’re big fans of friendly reminders.

You have gazillions of hard seltzers to choose from these days (we hear Ensure is launching a boozy lineup for protein-deprived seniors while Clamato has a spiked clam-juice-in-a-can debuting later this month), but we wholeheartedly endorse Lone River Ranch Water as one of the absolute best on the market.

And on the top shelf of our fridge.

Lone River Ranch Water
$17.99 (Variety 12-pack)
$2.99 (19.2-ounce can)

Photo credit: Lone River Ranch Water