Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Road Trip Life Lessons

Technology has definitely made road trips tolerable.

We used to hate the idea of sitting in a car for hours on end, but thanks to satellite radio, mobile hot spots and podcasts, we can pass the time productively whether we’re a driver or passenger.

For longer trips, podcasts keep us the most engaged while behind the steering wheel.

Usually, we’re engrossed in a true crime of some sort. Or anything centered around Dolly Parton. But we also enjoy sex in the car—talking about it, listening to others talk about it, even participating in it if it’s a really long road trip and we’re bored in a truck stop parking lot.

OK, so maybe not the truck stop part, but you catch our drift. Sex is always a great topic for passing the time.

Just in time for summer travel (even on a plane!), Prism Health North Texas has launched the second season of its Beneath the Briefs podcast. Hosted by Behavioral Intervention Specialists Ana Fuentes, Dax Bennett and Devon Williams, the new season continues the conversation about S-E-X.

The first three episodes of Season Two cover topics ranging from chemistry in bed to helpful tips for longer sessions in bed.

You can also catch up on the first season if you missed those installments, which cover condoms, PrEP, oral sex and issues specific to people of color.

Additionally, A Calzon Quitado can be downloaded, too. The Spanish-language podcast focuses on the sexual health of the Hispanic and Latinx communities by covering topics often considered too taboo within the culture. Nothing’s taboo in our world personally, but we still have plenty to learn about the pleasurable pursuits of our peen.

Even while driving through the outskirts of Abilene.

Beneath the Briefs & A Calzon Quitado podcasts
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