Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

CPAC. Sparks. Space.

Let us continue to look up.

CPAC.  As you may have heard, the Conservative Political Action Conference held its annual event this past weekend here in my home base of Dallas.  What a blessing to have such fine conservative people gathering just minutes from my own home.  Siste…………uh…….Caitlyn Jenner was in attendance and was ministered to in an impromptu tête-à-tête in the hotel lobby by an impassioned pastor.  Our fine Lieutenant Governor opened the conference with words of challenge which began several days of frothy salve for the faithful in attendance.  Down with vaccinations!  The election was stolen!  All topped off by a pastoral message from our former President which was taken from the Pinocchio playbook of tales.  Brothers and Sisters, in the past I have often confused CPAP with CPAC.  I now know the difference.  One helps me sleep at night in peace.  The other keeps me up in fear.  Let us pray.

Sparks.  I’m beginning to see why so many successful pastors travel in their own private jets.  Flying commercial is becoming an experiment in terror.  Thanks to so many testimonies like the ones at CPAC, many travelers are now emboldened to defy any regulations regarding health and safety as they wish.  Sparks are flying as brawls have broken out over mask requirements.  Others are so free with their regulatory freedoms so as to attempt to disembark at will regardless of altitude.  Lord help us!  I’m replacing my airline reservations number in my flip phone with the direct line to Brother Joel Osteen’s hangar.

Space.  Finally, speaking of air travel, I marvel at the efforts of three billionaires to launch themselves into space.  Many average citizens are bereft at the amount of money being spent on these endeavors by Brothers Branson, Musk and Bezos instead of the myriad benevolence initiatives which could be funded.  As I reflect on the two above news items, I must throw my prayers behind this space race.  It won’t be long before I may feel the need to leave this Earth behind for some peace and quiet.  It may not be the Tower of Babel, but I’ll take any effort to reach Heaven.  Glory!