Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

He’s Got Bette Davis Eyes

The most famous person we ever had dinner with was President George W. Bush.

Sure, he was seated four tables away surrounded by Secret Service agents, but we’ll still count that as a celebrity dining encounter.

But imagine if you actually had one of the world’s most famous movie stars come to your house for dinner—and stay for a month?

That’s the bizarre, but hilarious, true story behind Me & Jezebel. The new production at MainStage Irving directed by B.J. Cleveland tells the tale of superfan Elizabeth Fuller who welcomed the legendary Bette Davis into her home one spring day in 1985. Due to a hotel strike in New York, her one meal with a fan turned into a weeks-long staycation.

What happens next is so unbelievable, if it had been fictitious, people would probably have laughed Fuller out of town for writing something so outrageous.

Fortunately for us, the strangeness is 100% real.

Me & Jezebel
by Elizabeth L. Fuller
Directed by B.J. Cleveland
Friday, July 23 to Saturday, August 7
Tickets: $22-29

Photo via Facebook