Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bully Pulpit

How far would you go to make a point?

Now, how far would you walk to make that same point?

That’s a big part of the plot of the new movie, Joe Bell.

Based on the true story of a dad (Mark Wahlberg) who walked across the country from La Grande, Oregon to New York City with his gay son (Reid Miller), it’s an inspiration. Over the course of the 2600+ miles, Bell stopped in towns all over America’s heartland to tell his story about the effects of bullying—all as a tribute to his son and the struggles he’d endured.

Currently only in theaters, Joe Bell is an emotional tale and an extraordinary testament to the power of a parent’s love. Make sure to ask for extra napkins when you order your popcorn. You might need to use them as Kleenex.

Or if you’re hardened like us, simply to wipe the extra “butter” off your chin.

Joe Bell
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Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert, Courtesy of Roadside Attractions