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Hair There & Everywhere

We let our body go to hell this past year. Covid was an easy excuse, but the truth is we simply enjoyed being lazy and eating whatever we wanted, assuming nobody would see us naked for a very long time.

Well, now we’re finally back at the gym and things are starting to look a little better with our clothes off. But one extra boost to our confidence has always been to trim our body hair so it’s not completely out of control.

Nobody deserves to see us with five-inch-long armpit hair.

Well, our good friends over at Manscaped continue to innovate and improve and they sent us the most recent version of their body groomer: The Lawn Mower 4.0.

This new version features brand-new SkinSafe technology, which has been specially designed for trimming safely in the groin area. (Because nobody wants to see five-inch-long hair down there, either.)

Like previous models, the Lawn Mower 4.0 features a handy light to see exactly what you’re doing, as well as waterproof performance so you can groom in the shower. But now it includes wireless charging. There’s also a handy travel lock so you don’t have to worry about the trimmer turning on while in your suitcase and showing up to trim in a hotel shower only to encounter a dead battery.

You can get the new feature-packed Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 for $84.99, but we highly recommend the Performance Package 4.0, which gives you a lot more products for only $25 more. The package includes the Lawn Mower, a Weed Whacker ear and nose hair trimmer, Crop Preserver anti-chafing ball deodorant, Crop Reviver ball spray toner, Magic Mat disposable shaving mats, the Shed travel bag, and a pair of Manscaped anti-chafing boxers.

That’s everything you need to get your entire body all tidied up. We’ve used Manscaped ever since their first model came out and each one keeps getting that much better. And now we have our 3.0 model in our gym bag for last-minute touch-ups before pulling on our shorty-shorts and hitting the elliptical machine.

We realize some guys enjoy the natural look when it comes to body hair, which we’re totally on board with, too. It’s just not for us. We prefer to keep things trimmed, though, mainly so certain things look a little bit bigger than they would hiding in a nest of black-and-curlies.

Because if we can divert eyes down there in the locker room, maybe nobody will notice our saggy Covid man boobs.

Manscaped Performance Package 4.0
$119.99 ($217.93 value)
Free shipping