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Brunch Of The Week: Go With The Flow

When it comes to weekend brunch, we’re typically more interested in a laidback vibe versus a full-on party atmosphere.

Mostly because we’re likely hungover already from the night before and we don’t want harsh lighting or nearby tables of people screaming while doing Jell-O shots.

So when we went to Ebb & Flow in Deep Ellum this past Saturday, it was just what the brunch doctor ordered. The place was full, but tables are far enough apart and the music’s not overwhelming so conversations are easy (and private). Service never feels rushed, but someone’s always instinctively at the table if you need something. These are all great assets for a chill midday meal.

Cheers to the weekend.

Start with a $35 mimosa bucket that includes a full bottle of decent bubbly, and two juices from a selection of blood orange, pineapple, white cranberry, or grapefruit. Or jump right in with a craft cocktail from one of the most creative lists in town. We don’t like cilantro or spicy cocktails, yet we somehow got talked into ordering the Garden Margarita (which features both Satan’s soapy weed and fresh jalapeño), yet it was so balanced and so un-cilantro-y that we loved every sip.

Then it was time to get down to the all-important business of eating. Because as our mama always said, the more you eat, the more you can drink. Or maybe that was our functioning alcoholic aunt who said that. But either way, it’s good advice.

There’s a Cuban sandwich in them there eggrolls!

Start with the Cubano egg rolls, one of our favorite things here on the dinner menu, too. Everything you love in a Cuban sandwich fills crispy shells with spicy mustard, BBQ sauce and chopped pickles on the side. After that, start narrowing down the made-for-brunch specialties—but beware—it’s a hard decision.

Favorites on our visit included the honey butter chicken biscuit with ranch-seasoned batter on the plump, juicy chicken strips and biscuits slathered in honey butter. Sorry Whataburger, these are waaaaay better. And they come with eggs on the side, too.

Honey. Butter. Chicken. Biscuits.

Another top vote-getter at our table was the breakfast sandwich. After all, a great breakfast sandwich always does the trick. This one has everything you’d expect (fried egg, bacon, cheese and aioli on a flaky croissant), but one ingredient shocked us as much as it delighted: pickles. We can honestly say we’ve never had pickles on a breakfast sandwich ever, but it somehow brought the whole thing to life with a little added vinegary zing.

Other options include a brunch burger, breakfast tacos and sweet potato pancakes among the more than a dozen brunch offerings, meaning that there’s truly something for every taste. And dishes start at a remarkable $8.99 so you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on some eggs while surrounded by friends.

Ebb & Flow Weekend Brunch
Saturdays and Sundays
10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
2561 Commerce Street #100, Dallas
7300 Lone Star Drive #C125, Plano