Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sex On Wheels

Sexual healing, baby!

That’s what you’ll find as Resource Center‘s new SexyHealth mobile unit hits the road in the coming weeks.

Scheduled for an early September rollout, the colorful bus will help people take control of their health as it parks in communities all over Dallas facing issues related to accessibility, transportation, and stigma in the fight against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI).

The SexyHealth staff.

When the SexyHealth mobile unit rolls into a neighborhood, people will have access to free, confidential HIV, syphilis, and STI testing, plus information on accessing treatment and care. Safer sex essentials, including condoms, lube, and PrEP prescriptions, can also be procured through the service.

Best of all, you can already start booking the SexyHealth mobile unit to appear at your next event. It’s 100% free, so if you’re planning any gatherings where the people attending could benefit from access to its offerings, you’ll be a real hero.

Because as the cliché goes, not all heroes wear capes.

Some hand out free condoms and Astroglide.

SexyHealth Mobile Unit
Hitting the road this September

Photos courtesy of Resource Center