Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Melton Our Hearts

OK, we’re ready to schedule a cocktail party.

Or a Delta-8 edible party.

Or hell, even a sit-in-the-corner-and-snap-your-fingers party.

Anything laidback that will let the music be the focus.

What’s our motivation? The new Will Made Manifest album from gay artist James Austin Melton.

The artist himself pitched us recently to see if we’d be interested in featuring his music on He Said Dallas. Too often we get sent a lot of self-produced music that’s, well, not very good (to put it as politely as possible).

So we had zero expectations when we hit play on the first track, “Living in the Neon,” but a few bars in, we stopped everything we were doing. This guy’s got a sexy, sultry voice and music with a seductive R&B vibe, perfect for grooving all night long.

Listen for yourself!

Now put your regular life on hold for a few minutes and have some passionate sex with someone (or yourself!) because this may be one of the best love-makin’ soundtracks we’ve heard in ages.

And if you love James Melton’s music as much as we do, make sure to purchase his songs rather than just stream them. Click on the GET ALBUM button on his website and name your own price. He’s a burgeoning artist (with tons of student loans), so you could be a contributor to his future success.

Whether or not that makes you a Sugardaddy is totally up for debate.

Will Made Manifest by James Austin Melton
Streaming on Spotify and Apple Music
Pay any amount to purchase the album

Photos courtesy of James Austin Melton