Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Beach Read: Say Gunkle!

Of all the things we’ve been called over the years, Gunkle has to be one of our favorites.

Another “honorary niece” has taken it one step further, calling us her Gay Drunkles.

We’re proud to answer to either title, which both remind us how great it is to have kids that only come visit for a couple of hours at a time. We’ve never wanted children of our own, so the scenario behind the hilarious new novel, The Gunkle, terrifies us to our core.

When tragic circumstances cause carefree Patrick to become the guardian of his niece and nephew, his life is turned upside-down—which, of course, is great news for us as readers.

Whether you’re headed to the beach before summer ends or you’re headed back to your Covid cave amid the Delta variant surges, The Gunkle will provide you wonderful companionship.

Too bad he can’t make you a dirty martini, too.

The Gunkle
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$14.99 (Kindle)
$23.99 (Hardcover)