Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Kids, Content & Cookies.

I am wringing my hands in anxiety this week.  Read on……

Kids.  The homosexual agenda is just getting out of hand.  It’s bad enough that we had a sodomite try to run for President last year.  Then, after not getting the nomination, he was nominated for a cabinet post in the new administration.  We have one of the gays as Secretary of Transportation.  Now, I’ve just lost it.  Said Secretary, Brother Pete Buttigieg has glowingly announced that he and his partner in fornication are to have a child.  In his words, “the process isn’t done yet.”  I shudder to think what THAT means!  Adoption?  Surrogate?  Some abnormal infiltration of one of their Buttigiegs?  I’m gonna vomit.  We need to pray for the future of this poor child.  Boy or girl, it will grow up to expect that taste, manners, reasonable thinking and a flair for the arts to be normal among all families.  That is a set up for disappointment at play dates.

Content.  I have long kept tabs on all things pornographic in order to assert warnings to my flock where optical aversion is needed.  I have just received news that an online presence called “OnlyFans” is going to cease broadcast of pornographic content.  How did I miss this filthy place on the interwebs?  Rest assured that I have made haste to investigate and was appalled at what is being passed off as “content.”  For a monthly fee, any pervert can gain access to a barrage of someone’s video chronicling of their nasty parts.  And sometimes the INNER workings therein!  Lord, redeem us soon.  Oddly enough, I couldn’t find any “content” of a suitable manner.  Therefore, I am concerned that this online presence will cease to exist at all.  Consequently, I’m praying about starting my own OnlyFans presence where you can receive a special touch and anointing for a small monthly offering.  When some pervert searches for “rub me in oil,” I’ll be there!

Cookies.  We need to reflect on the idea of semantics.  (Not semitics….that’s another matzoh ball of wax.)  Semantics is defined as “the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence or text.”  This is important when we read this headline regarding the Girl Scouts of America:  “The Girl Scouts are bringing us a new cookie that tastes like a brownie.”  The new treat will be called an Adventureful.  As a proud member of the GSA as a young girl, let me remind you all that, much like a “Cub Scout” is precursor of a “Boy Scout,” a “Brownie” is a precursor of a “Girl Scout.”  This leads to some misunderstanding by way of semantics.  A perverse reading of this headline will lead to a run on cookies by a bunch of pubescent teen boys in search for an adventure full with a Brownie.  This is not going to go well.