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Delta Dawning

Burke. Air Lines. Variant.

When it comes to Deltas, we love some way more than others.

But now, we’ve discovered the one we love most of all.

If you haven’t already heard of Delta-8 THC, now’s a good time to acquaint yourself with the totally legal cannabis derivative. What the world knows as weed, pot, Great Green Mary Jane Happy Pants, is scientifically categorized as Delta-9 THC, which—at least in Texas—isn’t legal to purchase except for a handful of medical exceptions.

And for the sake of full disclosure, we love Delta-9, but only in edible form only. (Smoking and vaping still gross us out).

So when CBD Living sent us selections from their own Delta-8 Living lineup, we were intrigued to see what all the fuss is about.

Because we’d never taken Delta-8, we started off slow. To help us sleep and reduce anxiety, we typically consume between 5mg and 10mg of Delta-9 THC edibles from California. And that’s about our max before we feel completely wacky.

The Delta-8 Living gummies clock in at 25mg, so we started with 1/4 the first night. We didn’t really feel much. The next night, we upped the dosage to half a gummy. Still not much of a sensation, but we did sleep better than the previous night. On the third evening, we popped an entire gummy and within about an hour, we were euphoric, had a nice bout of the giggles, and generally couldn’t wipe the smile off our face.

The current Delta-8 Living lineup.

“We can’t believe this is legal!” we said over and over between singing, dancing, and trying to French kiss our dog.

The next night, we switched to the pink lemonade and poured ourselves a shot. We estimate it was only about 10mg, but even at the smaller dose, it had the same effect on us as the 25mg gummy except the effects hit us quite a bit faster.

We shared the Delta-8 Living products with various friends and the effects were quite different for each person. Some felt it more, some didn’t feel it at all, even in higher doses. One friend has chronic pain, though, and claims that she felt quite a bit of relief after taking it, so there’s more to Delta-8 than just a good time.

All we know is that we’re huge fans of Delta-8 and it’s great to know that we can legally have it shipped to our front door. It’s waaaaay cheaper than booze with a similar effect, too.

If you’ve never tried edibles (legal or otherwise), we always suggest starting off with a very small dose to see how it affects you. You can always take more in an hour or two, but you can’t un-take a higher dose!

Nobody knows how long Delta-8 will remain legal in certain states, so if you’re curious to try it, head to CBD Living and place your order now.

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