Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Like Sands Through The Hourglass

Happy Labor Day!

If you had a crazy weekend like ours, perhaps you need to soap up for an hour.

With a little Days of Our Lives.

Today, Peacock launches the first-ever limited one-week series, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem.

To be completely honest, we’ve never watched the regular series (we were always Team One Life To Live), but damn if they didn’t write this limited series so anyone could watch. Thanks to characters recapping their history and major plot developments from the past few decades in normal everyday conversation, it’s as if we’ve been watching every day for years.

In true, cheesy, over-the-top soap opera fashion, there’s an overload of mystery, intrigue, romance, betrayal, exotic (staged) locales, and so much queerness we might just have to start watching on a daily basis.

Of course, we’re sure that regular viewers (and their evil twins) will find even more to love.

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem
Streaming all week

Photo courtesy of NBC/Peacock