Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We Love Privates

We’ve gotten so used to watching movies on TV and smaller devices the past year and a half that we’d forgotten what it was like see a movie on the big screen.

Last week, we attended our first-ever private screening at Look Dine-in Cinemas on Northwest Highway with 18 of our closest, fully vaccinated friends. Seeing Ryan Reynolds larger-than-life was all it took to remind us how much better a real movie theater experience can be versus home viewing.

If you’ve never attended a private screening and want to know what all the fuss is about, now’s your chance.

Now through October 14, Look Dallas is offering private theater rentals for only $99—for up to 50 guests! That’s less than two bucks a person if you invite the maximum number of people. (But you can also book a whole screen all by your lonesome for the same $99).

All you have to do is fill out this form and select a date at least a week in advance. You can choose from current releases or work with their team to get specific titles.

Once the date is confirmed, all you have to do is drop by the theater in person to pay for the private screening in advance. That minor inconvenience is the only downside, but they assured us you’ll be able to pay online after their next website update.

Food and beverages cost extra, of course, but they have a full menu of tasty options that you order right from your phone (or a masked server) to be delivered to your seat.

If you’re not interested in a private screening, you can always show up for a regularly scheduled movie and still get a great deal. The first show each day (and all day every Tuesday) is only $5, weekday movies are $8, and Saturday night showings are only $12.

We’re so excited to be back in theaters, we can’t wait to book a private screening again before this deal ends. We’d be happy to never go back to movies with strangers, so we hope this continues to be an option long after the pandemic’s behind us.

That would be a happy Hollywood ending for sure.

Look Dine-in Cinemas
Private Screenings
$99 for up to 50 people until October 14
10110 Technology Boulevard, Dallas

Photos courtesy of Look Dine-in Cinemas