Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sluts, Surgeons & Storms

Gather at the throne of prayer with me, all ye who read.

Sluts.  We have had to witness TWO parades of fabric filth fashioned as frocks.  The Video Music Awards, which I refuse to watch, gave rise to a bevy of Satanic musicians proudly showing their lack of taste on national television.  How do I know?  The media makes sure I see this even when I don’t watch the show!  And who ARE these people??  Lil Nas X?  Apparently a product of parents who couldn’t afford a real name.  But, I haven’t been so sickened by lavender since falling face first into a Bath and Bodyworks store.  Chloe Bailey and Billy Porter made me want a baked potato.  Avril Lavigne reminded me I need Scotch Tape.  And Sister Megan Fox……..you’re a slut.

Surgeons.  The second of these fashion disasters was the annual Metropolitan Museum Gala. Without being there in person, I HAD to rely on media coverage to make my judgements appropriately.  Where do I start?  The theme was American Independence which might forebode patriotism.  My mistake.  Everything I saw seemed to be independent of taste.  Sister Kim Petras clearly rolled out of a bed from the set of THE GODFATHER.  Shawn Mendes made me want to do a load of laundry.  Sister Anna Wintour was positively unrecognizable without her shades.  Kim Kardashian has NEVER looked better.  And finally, Sister Debbie Harry finally seemed to get the theme and graced us with a Betsy Ross tribute which made me stand up and salute.  Now let’s pause for prayer for Sister Versace’s plastic surgeon.

Storms.  I’ve been in deep prayer for those affected by recent weather events.  It seems a shame that violent storms must be given human names thus branding all fine Christian folk who might share that name as somehow stormy and destructive.  I’d like to point out that no storm has even been called Helen.  There have been several through time names “Helene”, but not Helen.  I find this a blessing.  I’d pity anyone in the path of a storm which might mimic the Lord’s power as spoken through me.  Amen?