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Brunch Of The Week: Learn To Speak Eatalian

Forget Rosetta Stone.

If you want to master a new language quickly, simply head to Terra at Eataly Dallas for their new brunch.

Located on the second floor, the indoor/outdoor space represents an ideal setup for our favorite meal of the week and you’ll be immersed into all things Italian.

Fresh air meets even fresher eggs at Terra on the second floor of Eataly Dallas.

We’ve had grab-and-go and takeout from Eataly Dallas a few times, but brunch was our first time to sit down for a leisurely meal and we’re so glad we finally made the leap and that Terra was our first stop. Nearly everything made here is cooked over a wood-fired grill, adding a smokiness and complexity of flavors to every dish.

You’ll find a lot of their lunch and dinner offerings during brunch, but if you’re looking for the more breakfast type things, skip to the “Uova E…” section of the menu. That roughly translates to “eggs and things”. Hey, you’ve just mastered your first words of Italian!

Cocktails include one of the best versions of Frozé All Day in the city, as well as Breakfast Negronis, Greyhound Italianos and Aperol Spritzes.

Uova in Purgatorio (Eggs in Purgatory) and a whole bunch of meats.

We sampled many things on the brunch menu during our visit and we can unequivocally recommend anything with eggs because the Cedar Ridge Farms eggs are easily the freshest we’ve ever eaten. Seriously, the yolks were the color of orange juice, not the muted yellow you find in the grocery stores. The chefs at Eataly specifically select the Sunshine Yolk variety for that very reason.

We tried them in the Uova in Purgatorio (eggs in Purgatory), the Uova Benedict on flaky croissants, and the Bistecca E Uova (steak and eggs), available with your choice of steak (or pork chop). Look, two more new Italian words in that last sentence!

We capped that all off with a side of sausage, bacon and potatoes to make sure we didn’t go hungry for the next few days.

Brunch at Eataly won’t be the cheapest meal you’ve ever had, but the tremendous quality of ingredients ensures a special experience. Best of all, you can find everything on the menu downstairs in the market.

But before you head downstairs to shop, get a Moka pot of espresso, a shot of Grapa and a drive-by from the gelato cart. (Make sure to try the homemade bourbon syrup and cioccolata sauce. (Woohoo, chocolate marks the last word of today’s Eatalian lesson!)

Buon Appetito! (OK, two more words, but you can look those up on your own.)

Terra Weekend Brunch
Saturday and Sunday
10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Eataly Dallas
8687 North Central Expressway, Suite 2172, Dallas

Photos courtesy of Eataly Dallas