Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

One Ballsy Business

When it comes to dream jobs, writing for a living has been a goal of ours since we were young.

Yet had we known a company like Manscaped would be launched, we might’ve modified our goals. After all, we imagine the company executives sit around the conference room talking about balls all day.

How could we not love that?

We’ve written about many Manscaped products over the years, mainly because they keep innovating and expanding their product line.

Yesterday, they launched an ultra-premium line of products, including Crop Cleanser gentle groin wash (although you can get as rough as you like) and an ultra-premium Body Wash. Both are specially formulated for their specific uses and they smell fantastic, thanks to a cologne-quality fragrance that isn’t overpowering but definitely gets noticed.

Dozens have already praised our fresh nether regions!

Try them out today, then trim things up with one of their ball-friendly trimmers.

Then, you too will have your own legion of nadmirers.

Mansacped Ultra Premium Formulations