Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Television, Tammy & Tom.

Hear then, O sinners, my calls for prayer.

Television.   I am clearly out of touch with television these days.  A recap of the Emmy Awards proves that.  What are these shows?  I thought THE CROWN was another Jesus story, like THE ROBE.  Then I thought that THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT was about a monarch in Vegas.  You mean TED LASSO isn’t about a cowboy?  Regardless, I still had to endure a parade of apparel which rivaled the cast of Barnum and Bailey.  Annie Murphy confused me even more by seemingly wearing THE ROBE.  Sister Aidy Bryant flat out hurt my feelings with her “statement.”  And Emma Corrin was simply unexplainable as an angry Menonite housewife.  Bless Sisters Coolidge, Smart and Winslet who can tastefully come to church with me anytime.

Tammy.  A true woman of God is getting cinematic glorification.  I have long defended the personal ministry of Sister Tammy Faye Bakker in spite of my disdain for her demon possessed, philandering husband, Jim.  I’ll admit that Tammy’s appearance could be a bit flashy or clownish, but beneath the Mary Kay was a true woman of God.  I was aghast at her seeming acceptance of an avowed sodomite many years ago, but I’ve come to understand her willingness to express the love of Jesus unlike all others before her.  Her steadfastness in the face of Jim’s big bowl of Donna Rice Krispies was a testimony.  Her eventual virtual canonization by the sodomite community lifted her to glory as she fought her fight with cancer.  I’m just grateful that Sister Jessica Chastain was cast to play Sister Bakker, as I feel sure that the temptation was great to have Mrs. Bakker portrayed in a way that would have been a drag. 

Tom.  While I’m in the sodomite neighborhood, I am going to have some mercy and grace for Brother Tom Ford.  Proving that the gays can maintain a mate without divorce, we must then grieve the death of Brother Ford’s spouse, Brother Richard Buckley, after a 35 year coupling.  I am feeling truly benevolent this week for some reason.  While respecting this period of mourning, I look forward to being of comfort to Tommy in any way I can.  Even so far as a full anointing of his body.  It’s a ministry.