Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

An App-etizing Way To Make Money

There’s a new smartphone app in Dallas and it could change the way you dine out forever.

Introducing Seated, an all-in-one reservations and rewards service that turns dining out into funds that can be spent at a variety of partner businesses, including Amazon, Target, Macy’s and Airbnb.

We tried it out this week and think it’s pretty amazing.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of the process.

  1. Download the app (click here to earn money instantly after your first dine), plus a percentage back of your check before tax and gratuity.
  2. Click on the city in the search bar and select Dallas.
  3. Choose whether you want to dine in, get delivery or pick up takeout.
  4. Filter available restaurants to see options based on reward percentage, an alphabetical listing, the most popular eateries, or top-rated places.
  5. After you dine, simply upload the receipt and within 24 hours you’ll have funds added to your account.
A small sampling of retailers where you can convert your funds to gift cards.

It may seem a little complicated to grasp at first, but after you use it once it’s so easy that you’re going to love using Seated.

We dined out the other night and sorted our options by the highest reward amounts. We found a spot in our neighborhood that we hadn’t eaten at in years, so the app was already doing its job from the restaurant’s perspective. We spent $90 before tax and tip and the reward amount was 18%. So, the next day we had $15 in our account, in addition to our $10 signup bonus. (Remember, you can click here for your own sign-up bonus!)

We immediately changed that $25 in our Seated account into a $25 Amazon gift card and uploaded it to our Prime account with only a couple of taps on our phone.

Now we find ourselves seeking out Dallas restaurants on the Seated app (including gay-owned favorite Salum) before we decide what we’re craving.

Because the only thing we crave more than chips and queso? Free money.

Seated App