Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sibley Revelry

As the seasons change from reading books on the beach to cuddling up with a novel by the fireplace (or fireplace video on the TV as the case may be), we’re always on the hunt for new tales to devour.

And William Jack Sibley‘s Here We Go Loop De Loop should be on everyone’s shelf (or downloaded to their Kindles.)

The publisher sent us a copy of his book to review and from the very first sentence, we knew we were going to be hooked:

“The drunk she nearly ran over, now lying in the middle of the road at one-thirty in the morning, was none other than her father, Pete Pennebaker.”

We’ve all had one of those nights where nothing seems to go right and we nearly run over our dad, but this scene sets up one hilarious, page-turning Texas-set satire from a talented, prolific writer. At the core is a woman who loves a man who’s in love with another man, but the colorful prose and wildly memorable dialogue introduce us to a load of smalltown characters, eerily relatable to many Texans and as compelling as the main protagonists.

We’d love to see this turned into a movie.

Or a limited TV series.

Or a fully immersive virtual-reality video game where you can drink iced tea with the locals.

Anything really that keeps these characters alive long after the last page is turned.

Here We Go Loop De Loop by William Jack Sibley
$19.99 Paperback
$7.49 Kindle

Photos courtesy of PR By The Book