Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Whacko, Whistle & William.

Pray about these burdens with me.

Whacko.  Christian media is losing an on-air stalwart of faith.  Brother Pat Robertson, founder of THE 700 CLUB, is stepping down from his television ministry.  Fortunately, the show will continue under the leadership of Brother Pat’s son, Gordon.  I will surely miss Brother Pat’s smiling visage, his genial way of presenting complete whacko nonsense, and his ability to lay blame for the world’s ills at the feet of the gays.  Take solace, Brothers and Sisters, that my ministry will be unaffected.  As leader of THE 701 CLUB, I will always be just a LITTLE bit better.  Amen?

Whistle.  I’ve watched enough old films and cartoons to know that, when the whistle blows, it’s time to stop work and go home.  Consequently, I’m mystified as to why so many were shocked at the shutdown of Faceplace on Monday.  After all, it’s all over the news about the whistleblower herself.  Blow the whistle…….it’s quittin’ time!  More “check outs” than “check ins”.  Those born on October 4 had to face a birthday void of vapid greetings.  Foreign spies resorted to wiretaps to follow our moves.  And I didn’t have to be reminded to buy condoms just because I looked up the origin of a wooden horse.  Alas, a new day dawned and it’s back to business as usual.  Praying that you’ll like this posting.

William.  I’ve never been a fan of science fiction whether in book, television or film form.  However, it’s impossible to not know at least a little about the Star Trek story.  In this new age of space travel for the common man, I find it interesting that Brother William Shatner, star of countless Star Trek presentations, will be rocketed into orbit courtesy of Brother Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin space travel.  Let’s reflect.  Brother Shatner is 90 years old.  He will be the oldest person ever shot into orbit.  I guess it’s never too late for one to embark on a new Enterprise.  I’m just praying that Brother William doesn’t wear red.  Beam me up, Lord!