Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunch Of The Week: Egg Day At The Gym

We work out every day in an attempt to stay somewhat, sorta, kinda in shape.

Especially now that we don’t have lockdowns and quarantines as an excuse to eat poorly (and often).

So the fewer temptations that present themselves to us, the better.

Well, that all changed as soon as Primo’s MX Kitchen opened downstairs from our health club, Equinox Preston Hollow. We already have Tiff’s Treats and Pho Envy smells wafting up through the stairwell (we also try to avoid the elevator in order to burn a few extra calories).

And now that Primo’s has brunch, forget it. You know we can’t resist a great meal of eggs and booze, no matter how desperately we dream of rock-hard abs.

Chilaquiles: Portions may be larger than they appear.

Instead of our usual Bloody Marys and mimosas, we opted to try a few of the carefully crafted brunch cocktails. The Cafe Old Fashioned with espresso liqueur and chocolate bitters makes for a nice pick-me-up.  And because the name alone makes us happy, we ordered the Basic Beach, which got us dreaming about a tropical vacation after the first sip of the elegantly presented rum-and-juices concoction. 

We’d heard the portions were huge at Primo’s during brunch and the rumors are true. So make sure to come hungry. 

Our top picks from a long list of tempting treats are the chorizo enchiladas, which feature one of the best chorizos we’ve had in a long time because it wasn’t the usual greasy mess that so many restaurants serve. The tasty sausage is rolled inside corn tortillas and topped with tomatillo sauce,  two sunny side eggs and fresh avocado slices. 

These churro pancakes!

Another fave is the chilaquiles with chunks of grilled chicken, tomatillo sauce, tortilla chips, cortina cheese, pico and two sunny eggs. (We got ours scrambled and enjoyed the leftovers the next day.)

Or for the ultimate in decadence, the salted-caramel filled churro pancakes will give you a sugar rush for a good portion of your day. 

As will the $6 house margaritas.

Primo’s MX Kitchen Weekend Brunch
Saturday & Sunday
11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
8611 Hillcrest Road #100, Dallas
(Plus Downtown & Uptown locations)

Food photos courtesy of Primo’s MX