Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Best Underground Dinner In Dallas

Two of the pandemic-era restaurant closures that really bummed us out were the closures of Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck in the revolving space 560 feet above downtown and its polar opposite, Dakota’s Steakhouse, which welcomed guests 18 feet under downtown.

Each restaurant was iconic in its own right with food that far exceeded what could have been gimmicky businesses based on their unusual locations.

Luckily, the news broke earlier this year that Meredith McEneny was taking over controlling interest with Chef Ji Kang running the kitchen.

The restaurant debuted a month ago on September 13 and we were invited in shortly after to re-experience the new incarnation of the Dallas dining legend and it met and exceeded all expectations. In an era when staffing restaurants can be a real challenge, we were ecstatic to find that the service was impeccable.

And everything on the menu exemplified Texas steakhouse perfection.

The patio is the best place to experience the true “underground” views.

And all that’s fantastic news because Dakota’s has a story that makes us laugh every time we tell it.

If you’ve never heard it, here’s the quick version.

When the land where Dakota’s exists was sold by its previous owners, First Dallas Baptist Church, there was a stipulation in the deed that prohibited any future owners from selling booze on what used to be church grounds. After finding a loophole, the new landowners realized that building a restaurant underground didn’t violate the restriction.

So we always have an extra drink for good measure, just to stick it to First Baptist again in our own special way.

But even if you’re not vindictive in the same way as us, we can promise you that the new iteration of Dakota’s will be an amazing go-to destination for any special occasion imaginable. Book a table today and experience (or re-experience it) for a few hours over copious amounts of seafood and steak.

Or just raise a defiant glass to its triumphant return.

Dakota’s Steakhouse
600 North Akard Street, Dallas

Photos by Beckley Photography