Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Debs. Demi. Denim.

What a week of prayer concerns!

Debs.  From what I understand, Monday was National Coming Out Day.  I saw where even Brother President Joe Biden offered official greetings.   Let me add my best wishes to ‎debutantes across the land on this auspicious day of presentations.  In keeping with the seeming exclusivity of such coming out balls, may your bloodlines be pure and may all your Christmases be white.  Glory!‎

Demi.  Alas, poor Sister Lovato is in the news again for less than stellar reasons, although these latest comments are somewhat related to things stellar.  As you may remember, Sister Lovato proudly proclaimed “California Sobriety” after leaving rehab, a form of sobriety which is really only half sober, in my Christian opinion.  Later, Sister L proclaimed gender expression to be non-binary, identifying as neither male nor female and thus, in my opinion, taking half of each.  Now, with new interests in all things extra-terrestrial, the latest half-baked nugget of wisdom is regarding life forms in other galaxies.  “…..I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything. That’s why I like to call them E.T.s!”  Let us reflect on the meaning of Lovato’s first name.  Demi.  Prefix: half; half-size; partially; in an inferior degree.”  Such prophetic wisdom when she was born and named.  Amen?

Denim.  Television never ceases to provide opportunities for questionable dialogue.  Oftentimes, these verbal mishaps occur on “talk shows.”  A recent episode of THE VIEW offered such an example.  Sister Barbara Corcoran of New York real estate and SHARK TANK fame, offered a choice comment to Sister Whoopi Goldberg on the topic of denim women’s wear geared towards more full figured ladies.  After Sister WG considered trying a pair of said denim jeans, Sister BC quickly offered to take them off her hands in order to make two pair for herself.  The sudden escape of air from the studio was palpable.  While I applaud Sister Barbara for her ensuing atonement and declaration of a long-time friendship with WG, I simply can’t resist stating what would have been a proper response from Sister Goldberg at the time.  “Thank you Barbara.  And I hope that you’ve saved the extra skin after your facelift so I can have a belt made.  You exemplify why our friendship is so tight!”  Praise.