Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Yes, We Have Phone Bananas

The moment the good people at Banana Phone wrote us to see if we’d try out their hilarious fruit-shaped Bluetooth device, we immediately had an earworm flashback.

The sped-up version of Raffi’s kids’ tune, also called Banana Phone, haunted our every waking moment and futile attempt to sleep back in 2006 when one of our co-workers introduced it to us at the office. We’d long forgotten about it, but now it’s back to haunt our dreams.

(Click below, but fair warning, you’ll want to dance around the room, but possibly pull your hair out, too.)

After playing it on a loop a few times, we got back to the e-mail at hand. Hell yes, we’d like them to send us a banana phone to test out! After all, the more ridiculous and unnecessary a product is, the more we want it.

Because the smiles items such as this elicit are worth far more to us than the $39.99 price tag.

And Crazy Gift Exchange Season is just around the corner.

The sound quality of Banana Phone is quite remarkable, considering we thought it was purely manufactured for laughs more than functionality. Yet the sound is clear on calls, and when used as a Bluetooth speaker for music (might we suggest Raffi’s Banana Phone as the first song you play?) the volume is plenty loud.

Think of the Halloween trick possibilities, too, if you hide the Banana Phone among the rest of your fruit and wait for an unsuspecting person to walk by. You could make it emit fart sound effects for full third-grader squeals and giggles.

Of course, we feel much better recommending this yellow phallus of communication-based technological advancement because they donate a small portion of their revenue to support Gorilla Conservation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through the organization, Gearing Up 4 Gorillas.

Not only is Banana Phone hilarious, purchasing one supports a great cause.

Now if all these reasons aren’t a-peel-ing enough, we’re at a loss for words.

But flush with Banana Phones.

Banana Phone

Photos courtesy of Banana Phone