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Brunch Of The Week: Southern Comforts

Baaaarrrunch, y’all.

That’s how we say brunch when we’re putting on our otherwise non-existent southern drawl. And it’s more than appropriate when visiting Ida Claire in Addison, one of our favorite spots for elevated homestyle comfort food favorites any time of day.

But brunch is extra special and somehow even more decadent than we’d ever hoped.

Cocktails start at only $5 and you can also opt for a DIY mimosa setup that includes a bottle of bubbly and two juices (orange, pineapple, grapefruit or cranberry) for $25 or $35 depending on how highfalutin’ you want to get.

Try not to waste too many calories or carbs on drinks, though, because there’s a lot of over-the-topness in your future. (Remember, you can always order a Tito’s-Soda-Lime for right around 100 calories). Then order up a couple appetizers to share while you ponder the rest of the menu. Nashville hot cauliflower shouldn’t be missed, and neither should the sticky toffee bun.

As for must-try entrĂ©es that’ll easily expand your waistline, go for straightforward fare such as the Low Country Breakfast with a big, juicy ham steak (pictured above) or seek out exponentially more indulgent dishes.

Short rib potato hash with sunny side eggs, seasonal French toast, fried chicken with bacon-laced waffles, southern quiche, and fried green tomato Benedict will all leave you speechless—mostly because your mouth will be full.

Not to mention your belly.

And maybe even your soul.

Ida Claire Brunch
Saturday and Sunday
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
5001 Belt Line Road, Dallas

Photos courtesy of Ida Claire